Thursday, March 31, 2011

A trip to Mexico

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My First Trip to Mexico

After saving for several years, my husband and I decided to take the trip that we had only dreamed about. Since both of us were non-traditional college students, we did not have the opportunity to travel as most students did during Spring Break. After what seemed like hours of debating we finally decided that we would go to Cancun during Spring Break 1999. Would we love Mexico? Is this trip worth the time and money that it would cost? We would soon find out.

We departed for our dream vacation during Spring Break 1999. Even though I was five months pregnant with our third child, I could not wait to experience the Yucatan Peninsula. This would be our first vacation out of the country.

The plane ride gave us a small taste of what we were about to experience. The passengers were all eager to start their Spring Break. Alcohol was plentiful for those who dared.

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Our arrival at the airport in Cancun was disappointing. We imagined a luxurious facility filled with English speaking attendants, red carpet walkways and fast-moving customs lines. Instead we found a dingy terminal filled with Spanish-speaking attendants. The red carpet walkways were replaced with shaky stairs leading to the back of the plane onto the airstrip. Also, we also had to walk up three flights of stairs just to enter the terminal. The customs agents were in no hurry to process us into their country. Finally, we were admitted into Mexico, and we were on our way to the hotel.

For the next six days and five nights we were guests at the all-inclusive Moon Palace. The Moon Palace was one of five sister hotels located in Cancun. Since the Moon Palace was located about five miles outside of the city, guests of the hotel were able to take advantage of the various planned activities available at the other hotels located in the city of Cancun.

Our first full day at the Moon Palace was spent familiarizing ourselves with the grounds. There were three large swimming pools. One pool even had a swim-up bar! Shops of various kinds were located throughout the main building of the hotel. The huge main lobby contained a continuous snack bar. Fruits, crackers and cheeses of every kind were perfectly arranged on huge platters.

The dining experience at the Moon Palace was above reproach. Guests had the opportunity to choose a casual dinner by the indoor pool or a formal dinner by the outdoor pool. Also available at the hotel was an authentic Italian and Mexican restaurants. We had never before had the opportunity to eat such foods as octopus, filet mignon, or grouper.

The second day was spent taking a short trip to, what they call in Mexico, an eco-park. An eco-park is similar to a state park in the United States. Xcaret has a beautifully manicured botanical garden, a dolphin experience, and a wonderful beach.

While we were snorkeling at the beach, I got the opportunity to see many colorful fish in the coral reef. Sea turtles, which are very rare in the United States, were plentiful.

The third day of our dream vacation was spent at the hotel. We ate a late breakfast and proceeded to the beach. For most of the day we relaxed in the soothing Mexican sun. That evening we ate a casual dinner and spent the rest of the evening talking to some of the many guests of the hotel.

The fourth day we took a trip to one of the many Mayan ruins. We visited Tulum. Tulum is located at the edge of a forty-foot cliff overlooking the Atlantic Ocean. A person can see the turquoise waters for miles on a clear day. The view is absolutely breathtaking. Many cruise ships stop nearby to let off their passengers for a visit to this very popular Mayan ruin. A small beach is located at the base of the cliff. This is where many topless sunbathers spend their day. After a full day of sightseeing we returned to the hotel too exhausted to eat.

On the fifth day we toured the city of Cancun. Many people had told us that we would enjoy all of the various shops that the city had to offer. They were right. We went to a place called the Market. The Market was filled with hundreds of close fitting shops. Many vendors sit at the entranceway and entice passersby to come and see their wares. Sometimes the vendors appeared a bit intimidating. After a while, however, we became adjusted to this kind of bartering system and started to enjoy the banter.

The last day of our vacation was not very enjoyable. We realized that our dream vacation would end and reality would set in soon. Since we had a late afternoon flight, we did not have to get up early and pack the many gifts we purchased. We relaxed by the pool until it was time to depart for the airport. The appointed time came, and we reluctantly placed our bags onto the van.

The customs agents, who were so slow in allowing us in their country, seemed to have developed a sense of urgency when it was time for us to depart. The walk to the airstrip was like a death march, as no one wanted to leave the fabulous city. As we boarded the jet, we took one last look over our shoulders at the beautiful city.

Was the trip to Cancun worth spending our life savings? Yes, the trip was definitely worth spending our life savings. The memories and experiences that we took away from Mexico will last a lifetime. Did we love Mexico? Yes, we loved Mexico and given the chance to visit again we would in a minute!

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