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Course Description The primary goal of the course will be to study the writing of African peoplethroughout the world in order to discover how these works serve as reflections of resistance to slavery,colonialism, neo-colonialism, and other means of oppression and domination. Thus, Studies in theDiaspora will have several objectives. These include (1) providing a sampling of writing by Africans andthose of African descent; () drawing connections between people of African descent who are dispersedthroughout the world; () contextualizing their writing with historical and theoretical texts; and (4)analyzing the writing to discover what it tells us about identity formation, diversity, oppression, resistance,and human rights. These goals and objectives will be met through reading, short writing assignments, classdiscussion, and analytical essays.Required Texts Discourse on Colonialism, The Classic Slave Narratives, Dessa Rose, Invisible Man, TheBluest Eye, Nervous Conditions, Things Fall Apart, A Grain of Wheat, A Month and a Day, Krik? Krak!,She Tries Her Tongue, Beyond the Limbo Silence, Women in Chains, a course pack of essays, and an essayon reserve.Course pack Gilroy?excerpt from The Black Atlantic Modernity and Double Consciousness,Asante?excerpt from The Afrocentric Idea, Hoskins??Eurocentrism VS. Afrocentrism A GeopoliticalLinkage Analysis,? Hall??Beyond Afrocentrism Alternatives for African American Studies,? HillCollins??When Fighting Words Are Not Enough The Gendered Content of Afrocentrism,?Carby??Rethinking Black Feminist Theory,? Walker?excerpt from In Search of Our Mothers? Gardens,Hudson-Weems??Africana Womanism and the Critical need for Africana Theory and Thought,? HillCollins??Coming to Voice, Coming to Power Black Feminist Thought As Critical Social Theory,?Obichere??African History and Western Civilization,? and Diop?excerpt from The African Origin ofCivilization Myth or Reality.On Reserve James??The Atlantic Slave Trade and Slavery Some Interpretations of Their Significance.?Course Requirements Attendance is mandatory. It is the English Department?s policy to fail anystudent who misses more than 0% of scheduled classes (). Absences also affect participation grades, asone cannot participate when not in class. Participation grades are determined not only by attendance, butalso by contributions to class and small group discussions. (In other words, you will not receive an A forparticipation just because you attend every class?you must add to the discussion.) The participationgrade will also include a brief report on the final paper (-5 minutes). Pop Quizes are always possibleand will be factored into the participation grade. Students will be required to do 4 written assignments.1) Students will complete a - page critical response to one or two essays regarding Afrocentrism and/orAfricana Womanism and/or Black Feminism. ) Students will participate in and write a - pagecritical response to the ?Bridging the African Diaspora? Conference held at the City Union (/ & /4).) Students will also complete a - page paper proposal, which lays out the argument to be pursued inthe final paper and provides a working bibliography. 4) Students will compose a 10-15 page originalresearch paper regarding one or more of the primary texts in the class and utilizing secondary sourcesfrom class reading and the library. Assignments should be typed according to MLA requirements (seeattached example). In order to meet the minimum page requirement, complete full pages for thefirst two essays and paper proposal and 10 full pages for the research paper.

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