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Macbth has different view on the word blood it could be used by both good and evil. lock and loud is the one to be the one of the one to sand to close and to be the one of enterprise to let be the one and only one the fazal and the G unit will conquere, but the world has abbanded the nur and fazal of macbeth, then only shall nur be named Macbeth to be the one oft he light and to love and carry on the love of his life lady Macbeth who will be a king after she has had a surgery from doctor zulu in the jamican asepet of be or growing a lolie in her pussy and to love her new lolie to her death also to rape mabeth once and only so he will never recover from it, so thats her plan and to be the the hero of the people who he lives there also to live by the hos and to un sex them he will put his loloe in their pissee and he will be the thane of cowder once again and he will run the show and kill all the people who messed with him to kill them and to joke with them to live by them to kill them immetadelyby his sword which i mean by his sword he shall murder all innocent people who are living at the house of pain where major pain lives there and is currently training troops there to get ready for war and to live by macbeth and to kill all men who are disloyal to macbeth, but who knows that major pain would stand againist macbeth one day and he does when he kills the innocent Mcduff in the G spot of the night and to kill the people of the nine part of laerthal weapeopm which is lady macbeth

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