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Lost Swimmer Drill Descriptive Speech

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Attention Getter � Imagine that you are a firefighter, and the alarm goes off, you slide down the pole, put on your gear, and hop on the truck to head off to the fire, all the while you get nervous, think about who you might have to save, and what you are heading off into. Well a lost swimmer search is somewhat like that, but instead when the alarm goes off you run down the hill, take off your clothes, and jump into the lake, but the emotional aspect is similar.

Statement of Thesis � Major stress occurs while performing a lost swimmer search.

Preview � First I am going to explain how a lost swimmer search begins, then I will talk about the physical aspects of a search, and following that I’ll discuss the emotional stress that is caused by a search.

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Body Transition To begin with I’ll explain that…

I. A lost swimmer search is an organized emergency procedure that begins like this.

A. In camp, we use the buddy system, especially at the lake.

1. Every one who goes swimming must have a buddy in the same area, who stays with them at all times, and swims relatively close to them.

. The buddy board is this massive sheet of plywood that is painted brightly with the colors of the swim areas and when the tag (a.k.a. washer with electrical tape) that says your name on it is in an area that means that you are there. No one but you touches your tag.

. Buddy checks every ten minutes, three whistles, then you and your buddy raise yours held hands up like giving a bow on stage. Everyone is perfectly still while the lifeguards confirm that the numbers add up.

B. If someone is not there, there are certain probable causes.

1. Someone moved the wrong tag.

. Someone forgot to move her tag.

. There is a lost swimmer, this must be assumed, even if it is one of the previous reasons.

C. When someone is not accounted for certain actions take place to begin the lost swimmer search.

1. The lifeguards blow two whistles; all the swimmers get out of the lake, get on their shoes, and go up to the counting spot.

. While that takes place a runner is sent up the hill, to pull the alarm.

. Pulling the alarm is an intense experience. There is such a feeling of power and the siren is painfully loud.

Transition That leads me to the next main point…and this is when the physical endurance test begins.

II. A lost swimmer search is physically challenging.

A. Taking the campers to be counted is a moving obstacle course.

1. You have to lead a line while moving quickly, without running, because there are so many roots, holes, and other dangers in the paths.

. You must keep the campers in a line.

. You have to make sure that they all make it and get counted.

B. The run to the lake is a challenge.

1. Flying down the hill is a more appropriate way to describe how fast you are running and how steep the hill is.

. You must remove clothing as you run so you can have less drag when you swim.

. Meaning you have to avoid other people’s flying clothing too. Plus there are human hurdles, branches, roots, steps, and trees to avoid while sprinting.

C. The actual search is a test of your synchronized swimming skills.

1. The shallow end is checked by foot sweeps.

. Diving groups that dive in a very organized line formation checked the middle and deep areas.

. My area was to check was under the docks. The docks are scary, like a horror movie, gross, because of the muck that accumulates, and dangerous to dive under, because of the support bars and the complicated layout.

Transition After that is done, then the next main point starts to sink in and that is that…

III. A lost swimmer search is emotionally draining.

A. The loss of normalcy disappears during a search.

1. The camp is usually quiet, but during a search the alarm is sounding, then lots of yelling to get directions across.

. The peaceful lake suddenly turns into this dangerous accident scene.

. Normally everyone is cheerful, but a search has more of a somber tone.

B. Panic occurs when death is faced upfront.

1. When you are tired, soaked, and emotionally drained everything is ten times harder, but then you think about your mortality.

. The actual fact that you are looking for a body is terrifying. Pulling up a body/dummy is even worse.

. The campers are really confused and hard to control and console.

Conclusion Transition In summary…

Review � I’ve explained what a lost swimmer search is, and the physical stress and emotional stress that occurs during a search.

Restatement of thesis - There is major stress that occurs while performing a lost swimmer search.

Final Comment � I’m sure that a fireman experiences a lot of the same challenges while performing his job, as I did while participating in a lost swimmer search.

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