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Communicating With The Dead In Certain Ways

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At one point in time we will go through a tragic time in our life. Whether it is a nation wide loss or a tragic family/friend loss. About 5 years ago my best friend’s sister passed away. She died in a bad car accident. Roughly about a year later, her cousin had a baby and unfortunately, she passed away at the age of six weeks. About years ago, we were messing around with an ouiji board. We never thought it would work and to this day, I still think it doesn’t work. I do not believe in the ouiji board.

A few of my friends got together one night and were messing around with it. They were playing jokes on each other and telling one that this was going to happen to them and they were going to work at a gas station all their life. We were just being typical teenagers playing around. Well, two of my friends wanted to be serious and do this. We all got serious and did it. We fixed the lights, burnt some candles, and tried to make it feel real.

The point of doing this was to contact my best friends sister. We promised each other that we would not move it and play a joke on anyone. One of the questions was, “do you wish you were hear with us today?” For the longest time, I had at it in my mind that someone was moving the game piece. The answer to the question was no. We continued to ask other question but I cannot remember them all. Another question was, “do u see my goddaughter?” Missy’s (my best friend) goddaughter was her cousin’s baby. And the piece was moved and it answered that she does see her. That she is in good hands and not to worry. And that both of them (the baby and her sister) were looking down upon them and will look out for them in the years to come.

I thought this I was some interesting, but impossible. I believe it is possible to contact the dead in certain ways, but not through an ouiji board. I feel that someone was playing a joke on Missy. If by some chance her sister was really talking to her, that’s something very interesting. I really don’t have a specific reason why I do not believe in the ouiji board. As I mentioned I believe we can contact the dead but in certain ways. One of those ways is something has happened to an individual, and that individual survives and they say, “Wow, I saw my life flash before my eyes.” I think that is true. The reason I believe that is simply because one believes in spirits and the light that one sees, is a spirit. For example, my mom has had a few major surgeries. One surgery she had was with her colon. She did well thru the surgery, but when they were done, they gave her a medicine that had penicillin in it. This is a medicine that she has bad allergic reactions to and the doctor was aware of it. By accident, they gave her penicillin in her IV. She was in ICU for about a week. After her surgery, we were talking about what she went through. The before and after of the surgery. Well she made the comment on seeing the light before her. And I had asked her what she really meant by that. She told me that my great-grandmother died of the same problem that my mom had. She said that thinks that she sent her a signal that she is going to fight strong and make it through her surgery. It was just going to be complicated and they we had to stay strong also.

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I feel that this is one way we communicate with the dead. This may not bet he best example to use but I from another person’s point of view, this is interesting.

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