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The Chemical Constituents of Cells

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The Chemical Constituents of Cells

Background Information

Mr. Barrett gave us a sheet on staining cells this helped us with the understanding of the experiment. We also did an experiment in class on potato cell, and in our findings we found starch. We also researched the foods and found that glucose is in the apple pulp.


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Are the following compounds found in everyday foods?

Protien, Glucose, Starch, lipids & sodium chloride


My Hypothesis is that protein will be found in the milk & bread , Glucose in the apple pulp & bread, Starch in the bread & potato, Lipid in the milk & bread and Sodium chloride in the potato & bread.


To identify a range of chemicals found in potato pulp, apple pulp, milk and bread.


The method will be broken into two parts

1. The testing of standard chemicals.

Put two test tubes (medium) into a test tube holder, add a chemical (E.g. glucose, starch) into each test tube. In each test tube put water as a control negative result. Follow the procedure ( table 1 below) for the positive result. This procedure shows you the control to compare your results.


Protein (egg white) Add ml in a test tube and then add 1ml NaOH and then add 1- drops of CuSO4 and then shake.

Glucose Add to that ml of glucose and 1ml of Benedict’s solution and heat over a Bunsen flame.

Starch Place a few drops of starch suspension on a tile. To this add a few drops an iodine solution.

Lipid (vegetable oil) Put five drops of oil into a test tube add 5ml of water then shake. Then add drops of Sudan and then shake again.

NaCI Add ml of Sodium Chloride and the add a few drops of sliver nitrate solution.

Results of control testing

Food Chemical Positive test Negative test

Protein Purple Very clear Light blue

Glucose Orange Blue

Starch Blue Black Yellow

Lipids Orange Light orange

NACL Milky Clear

. Put four more test tubes in your test tube holder, and add your cfood chemical then add the apple pulp, potato pulp, milk and bread to each tube. Compare the results with the negative and positive tests for each chemical test , repeat for each food chemical.

Results of experiment

Food Protein Glucose Starch Lipid NaCI

Potato pulp Yes yes yes no yes

Apple pulp No yes no no yes

Milk Yes no no yes yes

Bread Yes yes yes yes yes

Analysis of results

We found that when testing for the presence of protein that the positive test turned purple for the potato pulp, milk and bread. But it turned very clear blue colour for the apple pulp. This indicates that there are no proteins in apple pulp.

In the Glucose test the results were that it turned orange for the potato pulp, apple pulp and bread. For the milk it turned a blue colour, this shows that there isn’t any glucose in milk.

When testing for the evidence of Starch we found that the positive foods turned blue/black were potato pulp and bread. That means the apple pulp and milk were negative and they turned yellow.

We found in lipids (oils) that milk and bread had a positive orange colour. The apple and potato pulp had a light orange colour and this shows that they were both negative.

We found in NaCI that all of the food turned a milky colour so they are all positive.


The experiment has established what chemical compounds are found in the foods tested. It is surprising that protein was found in potato and sodium chloride was found in all the compounds which was not originally predicted. All other predictions in the hypothesis were correct.


It has been discovered that using the correct control groups it can be determined what food chemicals are found in different foods.

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