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Has your child ever been so sick you felt like life had just been taken out of your hands? Have you ever felt like there was absolutely anything you would do to make you child feel better and to see him or her smile again? I felt this way about six and a half years ago when my oldest son Johnny became very ill, very quickly. One minute he was his normal hyper active self and the next minute he was desperately sick.

Johnny was fine in the morning, running around outside and excited about his new baby brother that was only a month old at the time, but by that evening there was definitely something wrong with him. He was no longer running around and was becoming more irritable by the second. He had a history of bad ear infections so I did like I would always do and gave him some children’s Tylenol for the low grade fever he had developed and would call the doctor in the morning. Through out that night I was giving him Tylenol periodically and cool baths to help with the fever, but to no avail, by morning his fever was up to 100 degrees. I immediately took him to the local emergency room. It did not take long for his fever to go up to 10 degrees and was still rising. None of the medications were working to bring his fever down and it was reaching very dangerous levels for a two-and-a-half year old little boy.

Johnny was admitted to the hospital that morning and was put through numerous tests to figure out why he was so sick. His fever had reached dangerous levels and was not going down. He had turned as white as the sheets he was sleeping on and could not even manage a smile for me. I stayed at my son’s side for seven days at that hospital praying every day that God did not give me a new son only to take away the son I had already and loved more then life itself.

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Johnny was like any normal toddler, constantly on the go, babbling non stop, full of smiles and laughter. Now all of sudden and with no explanation my baby was extremely sick. After three days of a 105 degree temperature the doctors still did not have any idea what was wrong with him or how to treat him. None of the tests that had been run were giving a reason for this sudden illness. As a matter of fact, according to the tests run Johnny should have been up and running around like normal, but he wasn’t.

After a week Johnny was not any better and there was no diagnosis or treatments from the doctors so I transferred my son to the Children’s Hospital in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. It took less then twenty four hours there for the doctors to inform me that Johnny had a very rare virus, which only occurs in younger children, called “Adenovirus”. There is no reason or conclusion as to how children catch this virus, just that it can be deadly and it has to run its course. It was about three days later and Johnny started smiling again and was getting some color back in his cheeks. After two weeks you could not even tell that he had recently suffered a serious illness.

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